The following is a list of services UtiliCode can provide for you.

Design Engineering – If you can imagine it, we can help you build it. 30 years of experience behind AutoCAD makes it like second nature to move through the process of designing Mechanical & Electrical concepts for any occasion. – Newly added this year is a 3D printer capable of rapid prototyping small parts. Visit my On-Line store for some STL files you might be interested in downloading to print on your own printer or purchase the finished product directly from UtiliCode.

AutoCAD Customization – Have you ever wished AutoCAD could perform a repetitive task with much more ease? Or maybe just putting a button where you think it should be. Maybe if everyone in your organization saved 30 minutes per day reducing repetition, maybe all of your projects would start to come in under budget. According to the experts, AutoCAD Vanilla comes out of the box at about 75% efficient and with a little bit of configuration, your company can squeeze AutoCAD to 100%.

Custom Application Development – If you have an application in mind that may help you or your organization step through a process more efficiently, let UtiliCode provide you with a solution. From Front-End Database Applications to manage inventory to custom cash registers for streamlining your business sales. Your imagination is the limit.

Database Management – Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and many of the other database engines can be a difficult task to create and or maintain. Let UtiliCode make your job easier with an experienced crew dedicated to help in any way.

Data File Conversions – Let UtiliCode be your conversion specialist. Some times there just isn’t a direct conversion solution for what you have to what you need. UtiliCode excels in converting file types normally not easily converted into a different format. the more difficult to convert, the more UtiliCode can rise to the challenge. With custom programming available, even digging in to the file and reformatting it at a bit by bit level can be accomplished.

Server Selection & Configuration – Need a new server? Not too sure what hardware will fit your current needs as a growing business? Let UtiliCode help make your decisions. Do you need redundancy? Do you need raw speed? UtiliCode has the answers to your questions. And can recommend an economical and reliable solution that fits your needs. And we can deliver it to your door as an out of the box solution as well.